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Meet Multibalm

Meet Multibalm

|MultiBalm by Pixi Beauty|MultiBalm by Pixi Beauty|||
MultiBalm is our newest 2-in1 cheek and lip colour stick! 

My beauty routine consists of makeup products that do double duty, so it’s no wonder that all five shades of our new MultiBalm are in constant rotation! With holiday-sunkissed skin, I am especially drawn to Soft Strawberry. It livens up my complexion and looks as if I have been on a brisk walk on the beach! 

MultiBalm by Pixi Beauty
The crème-to-powder texture is great for cheeks and leaves a natural finish on lips. I made this formula so it applies sheer, but easy to build up. You can also blend the colours to create your own custom shade! I like to mix Soft Strawberry with Watermelon Veil to create an ombre lip colour! 


MultiBalm by Pixi Beauty

Brightening Shades 

1) Soft Strawberry – a clear red hue for a fresh tint. Build up more colour on lips for a more dramatic nighttime red lip look. 

2) Watermelon Veil – pink tones for a touch of flush on cheeks and lips. This pink shade has a beautiful colour payoff, so layer lightly on cheeks to achieve your desired colour! 

3) Baby Petal – a soft nude tone for a minimal makeup look. This shade is perfect to give a youthful touch of colour to cheeks and lips. 

4) Wild Rose – a rosy, must-have shade that suits all skin tones! 


Sculpting Shade 

1) Sheer Sculpt – natural-looking contour colour for fair to medium skin tones. I also love this as a Fall-ready cocoa shade on lips. 


But don’t take my word for how great this product is! After all, I’m a bit biased :) These lovelies are using MultiBalm to create effortless, everyday looks! 


MultiBalms are very convenient to use. You don’t even need a brush to evenly blend this product onto your cheeks. Simply dab this stick onto cheeks and blend it with your fingertips. When you are using it on your lips, apply the product as a regular lipstick—with or without a lip liner.” –Katya of 


Brittany Hinrichs wearing Pixi Beauty MultiBalm in Baby Petal

“I officially have enough nude lipsticks to last me through the apocalypse, but this two-in-one lip & check color was just too good not to bring home!”- Brittany of 


multibalm - sheersculpt - lorencanbymakeup

@lorencanbymakeup uses SheerSculpt as lip and cheek colour! 


Modern Martha by Kelsey reviews all colours of the MultiBalm and gives a short tutorial on how to contour with Sheer Sculpt and add colour with Wild Rose!


Kara Kendall uses MultiBalm in Sheer Sculpt to contour in a recent makeup tutorial!

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