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Jasmine Oil Blend vs. Rose Oil Blend

Jasmine Oil Blend vs. Rose Oil Blend

When I first began formulating our newest facial oil, Jasmine Oil Blend, I had a few things in mind. First, I knew I wanted to create an oil that was revitalising to the skin, but completely weightless too. The other reasons I love this favourite? It is soothing and ultra nourishing, easy to mix into your existing routine, and of course, I’m obsessed with Jasmine flowers and their magical scent!

I am so excited to share all of the amazing benefits of both of our facial oils, as well as how you can use them together!


The Difference Between Rose Oil Blend & Jasmine Oil Blend

If your skin feels dry Rose Oil Blend is going to offer the ultimate, rich nourishment! The Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Rosehip Oil mix help to create a cocoon of silky moisture.


Jasmine Oil Blend is especially beneficial if your skin is in need of something soothing and balancing. Pure Jasmine Oil, Lavender & Chamomile help to relax & restore, all while adding hydration and nutrients. This is a lightweight, fast absorbing facial oil!

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When Can You Use Them?

Use Jasmine Oil Blend in the morning to rebalance your complexion before starting the day (it’s also perfect to mix a few drops into your daily moisturiser or primer before makeup!). Rose Oil Blend is richer, so when you need more moisture, use overnight, as it acts as a luxe moisture seal.

Can You Use Them Together?

I get this question every single day and the answer is YES! I love using these two together! Simply use a drop of each and mix it into your moisturiser, cleanser or face mask for replenishing yet soothing results that will enhance your PixiGlow.

You can also use anywhere that needs special attention: the ends of your hair, your lips, elbows cuticles, heels of feet etc.

I have always used facial oils since I was a teenager and I'm so excited to bring these to our Pixi Skintreats collection.

Watch this space for what oil we will be launching next ! :)

What Oil would you like to see launch next? Leave a comment below, I love hearing from you lovelies!

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